Want to win some free tickets to the Midnight release of Hunger Games? Read this post to find out where Stifler is and the trivia questions AND answers!!!

Alright ... so want tickets to the midnight showing of Hunger Games? We're going to blow out a small stack of them today!

Come find me ... from 2p (until I run out of tickets) I'll be at Youree and 70th behind the Starbucks ... answer a trivia questions.

One person from a car load can answer a question for a pair of tickets.

Now for the questions ... with answers. Whoohoooo!

1. In the book, Katniss hunts game and forages illegally in the district. However, some of her best customers are the officials themselves. Which person does Katniss frequently sell strawberries to?
A: The mayor

2. During the reaping, Katniss' sister, Prim, is called, but Katniss quickly volunteers in her place. After being chosen as the tribute, she gets the chance to speak with some people, a few of whom give her gifts. By the end of the visiting, how many gifts does she receive from her visitors?
A: 2 - 3 if you count the kiss from Madge

3. Once Katniss and her fellow tribute, Peeta, enter the Capitol, they are required to parade in front of the citizens along with the other tributes. They must also wear a costume that represents their district's principal industry. District 1, Jewelry, District 11, Agriculture. What is the main industry of district 4?
A: Fishing

4. During the training for the Hunger Games, all tributes are required to train for a period of three days in a training area. While Katniss and Peeta train, Peeta notices Rue, the tribute from District 11, watching them. At what station do the two notice Rue's presence?
A: The Spear Throwing Station

5. During the interviews, Katniss sees each tribute play an angle in order to win sponsors to help them during the games. That angle was played by the girl from district 5?
A: Sly and elusive

6. During the Games, the "Career tributes" usually band together to hunt the other tributes, this being one of the reasons all careers survive their first day in the games. Who is the first tribute to die?
A: The boy from district 4

7. During the games, Katniss experiences a great need for water, and looks desperately for a place to find it. She begins to consider the lake in the opposite direction of where she's traveling the only source of water, but something tips her off that water is near her location. What first gives Katniss the tip?
A: A rabbit she startles in the woods

8. Later on, Katniss teams up with Rue in order to destroy the supplies of the career tributes. Rue lights fires to create a diversion, while Katniss destroys the supplies, protected by mines around the area. How does she get rid of the supplies?
A: She shot an arrow through a bag of apples

9. When Rue dies in the games, Katniss manages to kill her assailant, the boy from district 1. After decorating Rue in flowers and singing to her until they took her away, she examines the contents of the boy from 1's backpack. What item inside the pack is a sign of extreme arrogance in the eyes of Katniss?
A: A pack of dried fruit

10. After Katniss and Peeta miraculously make it through the games, Katniss finds herself in a dangerous position; her stunt with the berries was considered an act of rebellion by the president of the Capitol. Which of the following people have no knowledge WHATSOEVER about her predicament?
A: Her prep team