Facebook isn't going anywhere until something better comes along. And if Google can get this up and running, and it's as amazing as the video seems? Facebook is going the way of AOL Chatrooms and Myspace.

The prototype version Google showed off on Wednesday looked like a very polished and well-designed pair of wrap-around glasses with a clear display that sits above the eye. The glasses can stream information to the lenses and allow the wearer to send and receive messages through voice commands. There is also a built-in camera to record video and take pictures.


A video released by Google on Wednesday, which can be seen below, showed potential uses for Project Glass. A man wanders around the streets of New York City, communicating with friends, seeing maps and information, and snapping pictures. It concludes with him video-chatting with a girlfriend as the sun sets over the city. All of this is seen through the augmented-reality glasses.

Whole story on New York Times.

I saw the video first and was like wow what a neat concept it's so far away from being a real world thing we might as well watch videos about flying cars. Then I saw the NY Times article saying prototypes are being tested right now. Some of it is far fetched. I can't imagine every business I walk into having a floor plan that readily available. I'm also sure you'll have to have some sort of cell phone data plan so you can connect to the internet. And I'm also sure in 5 years time they'll say the glasses cause cancer because EVERYTHING does.

I'm also sure I'd camp out and wait in line for this if it works as advertised.