Britney Spears isn’t getting what she wants right now. She met with the judge last week about ending her conservatorship. The judge said that Britney has come a very long way but they aren’t ready for her to take complete control over her life yet. Britney begged them to have the conservatorship lifted. She even said that her father can still make the business decisions but she was ready to take back over her life, especially where her two children are concerned. Kevin Federline still has full custody of the two boys. He shares joint custody with her but in the eyes of the law, Britney still doesn’t have any rights over them. The judge just explained to her that the conservatorship will remain in place and likely will not be lifted anytime soon.

And now it’s looking like she might not get the gig with X-Factor. Simon Cowell offered her $10mil to sit on the judging panel with him but now he’s having second thoughts. He’s worried that Britney won’t be able to deliver good advice and the contestants won’t take her seriously. Since Britney is demanding more money, he thinks it’s a good time to cut ties with her and save that cash for a judge that will make an impact on the show.