I love my wedding ring. I love my engagement ring... I guess it's just too damn bad that I've developed an allergy to them both! You've got to be kidding me, right?!?!? Seriously, the darn things burn a hole in my ring finger and it's not pleasant. So much for the fairy tale! I'm one of those freaks that feels naked without my wedding ring on. This is the first and only time I've tied the knot. Keith doesn't realize I've got papers on him and he's been hog tied for better or worse! But here's the kicker, I've been telling him for two months I had a problem. My ring brings up weeping welts and itches like crazy! In fact, after seeing my reaction one day, he even suggested we melt it down and had it made in platinum since the original set is in white gold... He (of course) got a big fat hell no on that. You're not going to take my one and only engagement ring and melt it down. You just have to get me a new one. Sorry, I might be sentimental, but I'm not giving it up. He should like that I like it that much... right? So are  you ready for this. I was talking about how bad it sucked to be allergic to gold this weekend... and he said, 'Gold?!?!' Keep in mind, this has been going on for months and we've had several conversations about it... He then starts griping because he has to return my Christmas present. He went out and bought me white gold jewelry after knowing I'm allergic!!! And he says I never listen! Do you kn0w how bad it sucks to know that you got jewelry for Christmas and it's being returned? UGHHHH!!! Apparently, developing an allergy to white gold isn't uncommon. After really realizing I was allergic, Keith found this article online. It turns out I'm not a freak after all! And, for the record, I'm not making it up... Keith accused me of that too! I've seen the dating scene. I'll stay where I am, thank you very much! I'll just continue to blame it on Keith for irritating the heck out of me!