Our girl Natalie Hanson is out of the running on American Idol. I can't say I'm not disappointed, because I am. I had really hoped Natalie at least made it to the Top 24 so we could get the chance to vote her though to the end. I mean seriously, you can vote online this year and if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that people in the SBC know their way around Facebook and the net!  Now for why I was so annoyed yesterday. Why the heck couldn't Idol just post the Top 40 contestants on their website? Of course there were a ton of fan sites who had what they thought was the Top 40, but it wasn't anything you could confirm. Even though I play Britney and Lady Gaga, I'm still a journalist when it comes to reporting FACT. We did not know for a FACT if Natalie made it to the Top 40 and because we didn't know for a FACT, they had a bunch of extra viewers trying to find out if their favorite, in my case Natalie, had made it through. Second, I'm annoyed they didn't show more of Natalie. We didn't get to see her during the New Orleans audition show even though they posted a few pics and video on the American Idol website. We barely saw her for all of the drama surrounding Jaycee on Group Night and they didn't highlight her in Vegas, either. I think I could count about three seconds of Natalie crying... that's it. But that could have meant anything knowing Idol. She's a gorgeous, talented girl, so, what's the problem?!?! I know the other kids weren't picking on her but dang! I'm sure you could have found a human interest story in there somewhere.  On the other hand, I am so proud of our local girl. She dug in and made it through what had to be an exciting, no doubt, experience but one that was scary and gut wrenching as well. It is an honor to make it as far as Natalie did. Top 61 is no joke, especially not with the talent we're seeing this year. I feel confident we'll see Natalie soon! Go girl, and know, we're still TEAM NATALIE!

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