Look, I'm not saying I deserve all of the credit, but I'm definitely saying I deserve some of it.

Folks around town are still talking about the Mudbugs home game this past Saturday night. Thousands of Mudbugs fans came out to see the 'Bugs take on the top team in the league, a team that hasn't lost a game since November. The Mudbugs were able to end their streak, beating them in a very long and exciting shootout.

During the shootout, I was done with my duty as in-arena host, and had switched to full-blown fan. I was standing at the glass, directly to the left of the opposing goaltender. After (I believe) seven Mudbugs failed to notch a goal, I was ready to take the game into my own hands... Or hand.

Birthday boy Derek Contessa picked up the puck at center ice, heading towards the Ice Dog's goaltender. The arena fell quiet at this moment, and I knew this was my golden opportunity.

A second before Contessa fired his game-winning shot, I slammed the glass with my right hand, sending off a sound I'm sure the opposing goaltender not only heard, but also continues to have nightmares about to this day. Seriously, my hand is still stinging from the shot.

The proof is in the two videos below. In the first, zoomed in video, you'll see it at the bottom of your screen about five seconds in. On the second zoomed out video, fast forward to the end of the clip, with about 1:10 left in the video.

So, how much credit do I deserve?