Shreveport enjoyed a great summer kick-off show by our friends at K94.5, with three great musical acts playing under the Texas Street Bridge. Teenage girls were there in droves to see The Ready Set, and foursome My Crazy Girlfriend was cool, but a trio of brothers out of New York impressed me the most.

My last K94.5 concert experience was about 10 years ago when I was still a part-timer looking for some extra hours at the station.

The event: The Backyard BBQ. The entertainers: Hanson.

I thought about those guys as I was watching the show in the Red River District. And It was a trio called AJR, who I was selling merch for, that brought back those memories.

The group is made up of Adam, Jack and Ryan (hence the band name) and boasts some unique instrumentation: One plays the ukelele, one the bass, and all three sing. Their harmonies are amazing. Sound familiar? And they also write, record and produce all their songs in their living room.

You can hear their single "I'm Ready" on K94.5. It's catchy, and it samples a line from Spongebob Squarepants.

This was a stripped-down acoustic show, in an intimate outdoor setting, with audience participation and a DJ Q&A. I've always been a fan of acoustic performances, but I'm not hip on the new pop/indie/top 40 groups out today. I'm a rock chick; it's what I love. But the guys from AJR...they're the real deal.

A perfect combination of gorgeous voices, creative instrumentation and relatable lyrics. Plus, they're adorable and personable. I'll definitely be keeping up with this one.

Take a look at their performance of "I'm Ready" in Shreveport below.