February 02, 2011

Is Lindsay Lohan now a jewelry bandit? Justin Bieber has basketball fever... And Britney Spears is back on the dance floor?

When you can't do drugs, the next best illegal thing to do is steal, if you're Lindsay Lohan. Cops have asked a Los Angeles judge for a search warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s Venice Beach home because they suspect she has stolen a high end piece of jewelry. The investigators told the court that they even have video of her wearing the missing item. If the jewelry is valued at 5,000 or more, she would be charged with a felony and well know what that means... inevitable jail time!

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired last night and Kim Hilton was humiliated when it was revealed that she has a serious drinking problem. She clearly didn't want to talk about it and was so ashamed that it was brought up, she is hiding from the media now. The women were scheduled to tape their episode of Ellen yesterday and she didn't go. Now that it's public knowledge, she doesn't want to be asked about it. A source says that she is in such denial about her drinking problem, she won't listen to her family and friends and she left rehab after one week. Even her own daughters have been trying to move out of their mom’s house because they can't take it.

Justin Bieber isn't quite 5 feet tall yet and he has been asked to take part in the Celebrity game for NBA All-Star week. Justin is a huge bball fan but sources are worried that he's a little short for the big game. He will be joined by Rob Kardashian, Common, Jimmy Kimmel and former players including Scottie Pippen.

Britney Spears has a brand new music video full of dancing out... but it's not her doing the moves! Sources who were on the set of the production say that Britney clearly didn't practice enough and just couldn't nail the moves, so she they had to bring in a stunt double to do the leg work. The video's director, Jonas Akerlund was upset with Britney and things got so heated between them, that Britney ended up leaving the set crying about it. Brit's rep are adamantly denying the allegation and say that she worked 6 weeks on the dance for the video, but supposedly a girl named Allison Kyler stepped in.