Tim Tebow is still looking for a job and the New Orleans Saints keep coming up.

Yahoo’s Jason Cole posted on twitter that the Saints might have exactly what Tebow is looking for.

According to the Bleacher Report it is not likely to happen. The Saints already have a great quarterback in Drew Brees, plus two veterans to step in if Brees is injured, Seneca Wallace and Luke McCown. The last thing that Sean Payton wants to do is have Brees get hurt, then have to send Tebow on to the field to quarterback.

Maybe Tebo could learn some things from Brees, but he already has the mindset of doing it his own way. When in a tight spot, Tebow likes to run with the ball even when a better option is to throw. Several coaches have tried to get him to change how he does things but he hasn't.

Tebo is 25 and will be getting up in age when the time comes for Brees to retire. I wouldn't count on it happening.