Thought I'd take a break from the norm and post some thoughts about the world. Isn't it fantastic? I mean if you think about it we live in an amazing time. This thought has been forming in my head since Christmas 2 years ago when I spent $200 and flew round trip to Michigan.

For the price of 3 tanks of gas I went 2,000 miles. What was even more impressive to me was how fast it happened. I did the math before my trip I would have to spend close to 4 tanks of gas to drive there and back and spend 48 hours actually driving. I was able circumvent all of this by spending $200 and sit in a very cramped uncomfortable seat for 4 hours (combined).

That fact alone amazed me. I never called it a cheap flight, I called it my magic seat in the sky (as I magically was able to spend 44 more hours relaxing on my vacation time).

Another realization hit me recently, if you want to know about your past you have to look up your ancestry. That's not really an easy thing to do. Sure there are pay websites out there that can help you trace it all down. But they don't give you the whole story. What was my ancestor who came to America like? What did he think about the new world? What were his trials and tribulations?

I'll never know.

However, our great great great great grandchildren will know. How?

Social media.

Social media is more than connecting to your friends and family (and the NSA) it's a time capsule of your life. Forever there will be virtual documents of the places you went, the sites you've seen, even the food you've eaten. Generations later your descendants will read of your joys and your sorrows. They will see you partying and see you crying.

But what's most interesting to me is when you stop and think about how far we've come in the past 20 years (since 1994 btw). We've gone from dial up internet on a 56k Modem to Google fiber 1 gig per second (or 153,391 times faster on the internet)! Where will we be in 20 more years? Will the future look back on Google fiber like we look back on the horse and carriage?

I'm willing to bet they will.

I guess what I'm getting at is we live in a fantastic time. Now smile post a picture to your Facebook wall and tell your great great grandchildren hello.

TL:DR - The internet and social media is a time capsule journal for the future generations and I think that's neat-o burrito.