Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's J-Si got pulled over for speeding and managed to talk his way out of a ticket, but not before giving an officer a shock thanks to some very realistic blood effects.

"I pulled into a parking lot...a small shopping center that was well-lit. And then I rolled down my window, turned off the radio, I turned off my car and placed my keys on the roof of the car," J-Si said, explaining that he was trying to show respect and make the officer feel safe.

J-Si was shocked when he noticed in the rear view mirror that the officer stopped during his approach to the car and put his hands on his gun holster, yelling, "Sir, what is on your hands?"

J-Si then realized he had forgotten to remove fake blood makeup which was applied for a movie he had been shooting that day. Oops!

The officer wasn't amused and asked J-Si to step out of the car. That's when he discovered the radio host also had blood all over his face and clothes.

Somehow, J-Si talked his way out of a speeding ticket with just a warning, but not without the relieved policeman saying, "Please don't drive around looking like you murdered somebody."