He must have been riding high from the opening of Straw Dogs, which was filmed right here in the SBC, then bam! His wife files for divorce. Of course, there aren't many details floating around other than the ubiquitous irreconcilable differences. It's my personal belief that no one walks down the aisle expecting it not to last forever. It doesn't matter how amiable the two people are... Divorce hurts. James Marsden is surely feeling this right now, as is his soon to be ex-wife, Lisa Linde, who filed for divorce from Marsden. They have two children together and have publicly pledged to remain friends and raise them together. They have been together for 11 years. Good luck guys! We don't know what the inside of your marriage was really like, apart from speculation, but I hope you find happiness for you and your children in the future. On another note, it really does feel like there were here just yesterday filming this film. I bet there's plenty of women in the SBC willing to soothe his heart ache!