My daughter recently celebrated her britdhay, and one of her birthday wishes was to recieve a robot.

Believe it or not, even with my (sarcastically) impressive radio salary, I wasn't able to pull off that purchase. But I wasn't going to let my baby down. So I searched all over the globe for an affordable robot, and I found the Echo Dot.

This thing is incredible. It's voice-activated and can understand and answer virtually anything you say.

Last night, I introduced my two daughters to Alexa, and they had a blast. They were getting Alexa to play their favorite songs and tell them hilarious knock-knock jokes.

Then, things took a hilarious and sticky turn.

After researching this Echo Dot, I realized it had the ability to produce hilarious flatulence. So yes, I taught my daughters to make this fine piece of technology make fart sounds. As of this writing, I believe it has farted over 800 times... Clearly it is a hit.

Check it out!