Hello my friends, I have missed you all very, very much!

After months of rigorous work -- pressing play over and over and over again playing all the tunes you love on Club SBC -- I decided it was time for a vacation.

I took the family down to Orange Beach, AL! It was our first time down there, but certainly won't be our last!

I used to live in Destin, FL. I was known as Speedo Jay! Here's a pic for proof, cause I know you wanted it!

Jay Whatley

Sadly, that was in 2009. It's safe to say I am past my speedo-prime. This was my first one on one date with the sun all summer. I was as white as the big house in Washington DC. I knew I had to grab some sunscreen before taking on the heat.

My fiance and I head to Publix to get some SPF1000 sunscreen or whatever I could get close to that. Turns out, that stuff is expensive! I ain't about to pay no 12 bucks for a little sun lotion. Forget that! So, I did what any logical money saving man would do.

Three Words.


Best 4 bucks I've ever spent. Well, until yesterday.

I woke up to find I had a sunburn. Not an ordinary sunburn. A hilarious sunburn. A sunburn so funny, Kaci (fiance) laughed about it all day. She even forced me to take a picture of it, so I can share with the world.

This is proof that you should never use the sun block stick, just spend more for the good stuff! If you have to go with the stick, just make sure you don't miss a spot!

Kaci Meacham