I must start by apologizing to every guy reading this. It truly is not my intention to set the bar so high, I simply can't help it.

Of course, let me follow that up by admitting, as of Valentine's Day morning, I had no clue what I would do for my fiance on this big day of love. I dropped the ball, and waited entirely too late. Early in the day, I tried to call every restaurant imaginable, but everyone here in town was all booked up. Then I went to plan #2, couples massage! Of course, though, I couldn't find one single place that had an opening.

All the while, my fiance is hanging out at the house, expecting something awesome later in the evening. I kept the faith, made some calls, and pulled off the Louisiana Valentine's Surprise!

First and foremost, I had to find a beautiful place for the scenery. When it comes to Shreveport, you're pressed to find a better venue than Hill Country off Ellerbe. Luckily for me, their gorgeous, new pavilion was available for the evening!



Next, I had to figure out what we could possibly eat. I thought about Hibachi, but we eat that too often. Same for steaks. But then i thought, "Hey this is Louisiana baby!" and called the Craw King at Chuck Wagon Crawfish off Wallace Lake. 10 pounds of the best crawfish you'll ever eat, coming up!



Finally, it was time to give the ole ball and chain an address without spoiling the surprise.



The table is set baby, finally!



I think she loved it!