Chelsea Clinton on the red carpet? Is Eric whipping Jessica into shape? What's up with Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Montag? Find out all this and more with today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. Chelsea Clinton and her very glum-looking husband of six months, Marc Mezvinsky, appeared on the red carpet last night at an amfAR gala honoring her dad, Bill Clinton. Sources say Marc was pressured into making the appearance after all these rumors that their marriage is already on the rocks. But all signs are pointing in that direction. Earlier this month, Marc quit his hedge-fund job to become a ski bum in Wyoming. Chelsea was left to sit at home in their NYC apartment, but he suddenly came home last week... and he's not looking too happy about that decision.

4. Miley Cyrus will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on March 5! And that's pretty cool!! How can she not be in that skit with that Vanessa chick who does a spot-on impression of her?! Miley will NOT be the musical guest that night. That spot has not yet been announced.

3. Eric Johnson is really into health and fitness, and his fiancee Jessica Simpson has tried to follow his routine... a little bit... but she's just not as committed to the cause as Eric is. So now Eric is trying a tough love strategy. The "National Enquirer" claims Eric has threatened to call off the engagement if Jessica doesn't get it together and drop some weight. A source says he feels like Jessica is letting herself go and that the two of them are constantly fighting about her weight. But would he REALLY call off the wedding over a few extra pounds? Will Jessica call his bluff or keep on stuffing her face with chips and guacamole?

2. Heidi Montag filmed a little cameo in the movie "Just Go With It" last year and she was so excited about walking the red carpet at the NYC premiere. But then she told "Us Weekly" that Jennifer Aniston had banned her from the red carpet because she thought Heidi was "too polarizing." Heidi claims she even struck a deal with producers to avoid any other promotion of the movie, just as long as she got to be on that red carpet. Of course, Jen's rep denied the story. And now? Heidi says, uh... oops! About me being banned from the movie premiere? That was all a big misunderstanding. She says now, "I got my invite and I would have loved to be there, but I had to be Los Angeles with my dogs." Say what???

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna are both nominated for Grammy awards, but because of that restraining order, it was going to be really difficult for him to steer clear of her all night. So Chris wanted to have the restraining order modified, and Rihanna agreed. Her attorney says she's willing to have it reduced to a level one restraining order, which would allow them to have contact as long as Chris doesn't annoy or harass her. Chris attorney will now take that to court to see if the judge will agree to that. But this all might be for nothing because Rihanna has a bad case of the flu. She had to cancel a performance at a fundraiser last night and might not be well enough to attend the Grammys Sunday. And now we're hearing Chris won't be there because he has a previous commitment. But this will still help them out for future awards shows.