Jennifer Aniston is now the home-wrecker and she is flaunting it! We just found out that Jennifer stole her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, right out of the arms of his girlfriend of 14 years that just moved out last weekend.

Jennifer and Justin were strolling around New York yesterday wearing matching gold rings on their wedding finger, and they were eager to show off their new jewelry to the paparazzi.

This publicity stunt is just kinda shocking considering all the comments Jennifer made when Angelina stole her husband Brad Pitt. When Brad and Angelina posed in that ‘family themed’ photo shoot in W magazine, Jennifer could not believe they would pose for that shoot so fresh after a break-up. Wouldn’t the same rules apply for her now? She is flaunting her new relationship right after he split from a girlfriend of 14 years and she should know better than that.


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