Last month, the love rumors started flying after Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper went out on a date but hadn’t heard much from them since… until this weekend! They’ve kept in contact with each other and finally got the chance to meet up again! J.Lo was photographed riding in Bradley’s car in LA even though she was desperately trying to keep her face covered. TMZ is reporting that the couple is casually dating and even claims each other as boyfriend and girlfriend! But J.Lo has some competition because another Hollywood lady wants Bradley…. Kirstie Alley! She has been begging friends to set her up with him! They say ever since she starting dropping weight, she thinks she can have any man in Hollywood and Bradley is her #1 pick. She thinks she has a chance despite their 24 year age difference. She’s even going out to Philadelphia where Bradley will be for his next movie and hopes to stage a run-in with him.

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