Jennifer Lopez said that she will not comment on her relationship unless it’s serious because of her children, but she feels comfortable taking them on family vacations with her latest man. The 42 year old mother of twins spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii with her 24 year old boyfriend, the back up dancer Casper Smart. They were photographed snuggling under a cabana on the beach. Casper even took over kid duties to give Jennifer some time to relax. Casper was seen playing with the kids on the beach, and sources said they seemed to really like him. Casper may be playing family friendly right now, but he has some skeletons in the closet. He has a criminal record that’s coming back to haunt him. His record mostly consists of speeding tickets and driving without a license, but his latest offense could land him behind bars. He pled ‘no contest’ to a charge for drag racing back in March. He’s due back in court in early January and could face some jail time as well as some hefty fines.

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