When Jessica Simpson finally gives birth to this 10-pound baby, it’s gonna be in Beyonce style.

Her friends are worried about her expensive bank-breaking birthing plan, but Jess says that money is no object for the comfort of her and her giant baby. She’s throwing down $2mil to ensure a secure and private delivery.

She rented out the entire wing of the hospital at Cedars-Sinai hospital. Sources say she’s turning the maternity ward into Fort Knox. All the visitors are going to have to go through several checkpoints. She plans to hire 30 armed guards to protect baby Maxi 24/7 because she’s terrified of someone trying to steal her newborn. She even hired a look alike to distract the paps on going-home day.

Jess has also been bragging that her baby will only fly private (probably that’s easier than buying two seats for a ginormous newborn) and that Maxi will be going home to a nice, plush $14.5k crib.