An obsessed fan is writing a book about his alleged affair with Jessica Simpson, even though they’ve never met. Jessica’s security team has been dealing with Marce William Burchell for years. He sent puppies to her home when her dog Daisy went missing. He even got a hold of her phone number and pestered her until she was forced to change it. Well now Marce is selling a book about their alleged affair. The book has a really long title, ‘The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson's 22 month long attempt to seduce a married man- her very Active Super Secret Sex life: True Story Jessica Simpson Seduction of A Married Man (Volume 1)’ and is on sale on Amazon for $29.99. When asked about the book, Marce said, "This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me." He also wants to challenge Jessica’s fiancé, Eric Johnson, to a marathon and the winner gets to marry her.

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