Jimmy Kimmel found a way to see some humor into an unfortunate incident last weekend that left him with a pretty noticeable shiner.

On his late-night talk show, Kimmel explained that during a night out on Beverly Hills with fiancee Molly McNearney, he went to feed the parking meter when he hit himself in the eye with a car door.

"I hit myself in the cheekbone with the corner of the door," said Kimmel. "But I got the quarters and put them in the meter and I walked back to the restaurant. My face hurt but I didn't realize I was bleeding."

But not willing to leave well enough alone, Kimmel showed a reenactment video featuring McNearney and a hunky model standing in for the late-night host.

He ended it by saying, "And my eye keeps on getting blacker. My eye is so black right now Paula Deen apologized to it."

Watch the video here.