Day 3,

So today was crazy! The day started great with KTBS 3 News coming out for their morning broadcast and the toys were really starting to come in... Then we had a bomb threat! Which tonight it looks like they took the suspect into custody. But that slowed down the donations a lot.

We were told by Operation Santa Claus that this year they're really low for donations and still need presents for around 400 more kids! That means we need more Bikes!!! If you can't help with a bike that's fine any toy helps.

Thursday we start our theme nights to hopefully bring more toys! Jay Whatley will be playing music for the Snow Party with S'mores, Hot Coco and Food Trucks! Bring a toy and let's have a white Christmas!

Tomorrow if you bring a bike Brandon or Myself will be your target for a snowball throw! It'll all kickoff Thursday at 5:30 so bring the entire family! #JocksInTheBox