One of Taylor Swift’s famous exes is calling her out for writing a song about him after their break up. John Mayer said he was embarrassed when he found out that Taylor wrote a song about him. She wrote a song called ‘Dear John’, where she sings about seeing clearly now that he’s gone and didn’t he think that she was too young to be messed with… She released the song about the same time he was doing those bizarre, racist interviews and he said that he didn’t deserve that. He said that she never called, emailed or gave him any kind of warning and she had no right to kick him when he was at his lowest point. He even called it cheap songwriting.

But Taylor’s not the only songwriter that’s benefited from writing about her past relationships. John’s new album has a song about his breakup with Jennifer Aniston and he wrote ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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