How the mighty have fallen.

A few short years ago, Jon Gosselin was one of the biggest stars in reality TV along with then-wife Kate on the TLC series "Jon and Kate Plus 8". Soon afterwards, their marriage ended and he was seen out and about dressed in Ed Hardy gear and swimming in a sea of bimbos. So, what's he up to now?

"Entertainment Tonight" reports that Jon Gosselin is living in a small Pennsylvania town and working as a waiter at the Blackdog Cafe. He makes his home now in a cabin in the woods with no TV or internet access.

Gosselin scoffs at rumors that he's hurting for cash, telling ET, "I don't know why people said that. They said it was because I was waiting tables, which is really disgusting to think that because you wait tables & that you're making ends meet."

He does admit, though, that it's been "next to near impossible to find work", but insists that he's a survivor, saying, "I've hit rock bottom like twenty times."

(Uh, Jon, I ordered this medium-rare, not well-done!)