I can't believe it's Fall already. LSU is already playing and soon it will be perfect hoodie weather. Soon, we will be heading through the cornfield maze and trying to figure out how we can score some Halloween candy... or maybe that's just me?

Maybe I'm in one of those creepy moods because I saw the movie "The Posession," this weekend, but I wanted to share this cool place in town I stumbled upon in Shreveport. There's this really beautiful old cemetery behind the Methodist church downtown. It's an old Jewish cemetery. I wouldn't recommend going there alone...even during the day, just because, well, it's a couple streets away from Sparague Street, but the monuments and statues there are absolutely beautiful. It forces you to remember that we're only here for a short time, and makes you wonder how you will be remembered. Some of the stones said where they were from, who killed them, etc. You don't see things like that now! Who knew we had something like that here in Shreveport!