Justin Bieber took to Twitter to talk to his fans after getting the boot from an Argentina hotel Saturday due to a ruckus stirred up by fans outside his room.

"to all my fans at the hotel. thank u. i love u. but please calm down and respect the police. we dont want anyone gettting hurt," Bieber tweeted. "im at the stadium now. come here. Argentina it is about to be a great night. te amo. #BelieveTour Argentina Day 2."

'Argentina is crazy," he added. "i love it."

TMZ.com reports that Hotel Faena officials took action after rowdy fans began destroying hotel property and knocking down police barricades.

This is the capper for a busy week for the singer, who earlier this week was taped sleeping next to a 26-year-old Brazilian woman in a video that quickly went viral, and was charged with vandalism after spray-painting graffiti in Rio de Janeiro, for which he was ordered to pay a fine.