Mother's day is Sunday, and you better be ready!  I'm serious - you could doing your own laundry, wiping your own nose when you're sick, and generally getting the cold shoulder in a way that only mom can deliver.  In an effort to keep you in the good graces of her majesty - I have provided a few examples of what message not to send dear mom's way.  Please heed this caution, or prepare to place band-aids over your own boo-boos!

Once again - Don't give these to mom.





I realize that these look like you could just print these out, sign your name and be done with it.  Please, if you care for the woman that wiped your bottom - find her a better card.  The only way this would be cool is if your mom has a rockin' sense of humor.  Or if the card accompanies a very nice gift.  Like a Mercedes.