Kanye West is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a man who reportedly yelled racial slurs at fiancee Kim Kardashian.

The Beverly Hills Police Department told E! News that Kimye were arriving at a design appointment when a young man, described as an "around 18-year-old white man," began shouting racial slurs at nearby paparazzi. A source told E! News that "Kim told him he shouldn't use racial slurs and he turned on her and verbally assaulted her."

The source said the man then turned on her and told her to "shut the f**k up" and used the "N-word" before cornering her in a stairwell where he got "in her face and continued to verbally assault her. She was genuinely scared."

Kanye soon came to Kim's aid while the man continued to hurl slurs at her. According to the source, "He was in Kanye's face and wouldn't stop. He was taunting him. Police were called to the scene."

The unidentified man was later seen exiting a medical building with a sweatshirt covering his head. No further information has been released, and a second source says that Kim is "talking to her counsel and considering her options."