Well, we had to do a change of locales for today's top stories so... welcome to my office? Anyway. Viral videos, commercials and local celebs gossip that has the net a-buzz today. Here's me (Stifler) doing the news.

Road rage driver goes out of Control!

I don't get people who road rage. Maybe its because I did yoga one time 10 years ago, maybe the Lady Stifler (my wife) puts chill pills in my cereal. Either way, I don't get it. Here's a road rager who gets what's coming to him.

Taco Bell ad features a guy from Bossier

If you haven't seen it already one of our own in the SBC is touting the awesomeness that is the new breakfast menu at Taco Bell. His name is Ronald McDonald. I mean he's no clown, but a real person named ... well you get it.

Cole Vosbury's show got moved.

The Voice star Cole was supposed to do a show tonight. However the weather was looking kinda scary so they rescheduled.