Kesha is out of rehab, dogs are playing in the surf and the Hough’s are coming to town. It's a beautiful day in the SBC here's the top news stories.

Playful 2-legged pup

Here's a super cute video of a dog playing on the beach, what makes this dog so special is the fact that it's missing it's hind legs. Super cute video that will warm your heart.

No worries, I informed him that he was a good boy (?) 6 times while watching this video.

Kesha makes our heart Tic Tock

Fresh out of rehab, Kesha looks fantastic. If she feels on the inside like she looks on the outside, she'll be just fine.

Wait, is that a gold tooth? ... Alrighty.

Sibling Dance Off

What do you do when your sibling is just as good as you are at something? Go in business together and go on tour! Derek and Julianne Hough from Dancing with the stars fame are coming to town and we have free tickets.

Jess has the scoop on how to score some for yourself.