Khloe Kardashian is a lot of people’s favorite sister but she is nothing like the rest of her family. Could it be because she’s not even a Kardashian at all? You have to admit that she doesn’t look anything like her other sisters. She’s a lot taller and has a completely different body type. Since her mom just revealed a secret affair, her paternity is being questioned. It’s being speculated that she may have been the result of her Kris Jenner’s affair. In her new book, Kris spills the deets on what led to her divorce from Robert Kardashian. She said she had a mid-life crisis at 30 and started having an affair with ‘this producer named Ryan’. This affair supposedly happened right after Khloe was born, but Kris could have meticulously changed the dates so the truth wouldn’t come out. The affair only came to light after Robert hired a private investigator to follow Kris around. Maybe he was suspicious of Khloe’s paternity too?

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