Tomorrow is the one day each year that we raise money for Kidd's Kids. We make it just one day so you aren't inundated, but we want to let you know just how important your donation is! You're helping a child who is chronically or terminally ill, along with their family, enjoy a trip to Disney. This may sound like something unnecessary, but trust me, it isn't. I've never been to Disney, but I don't begrudge these children and their families going. Put yourself in their place. Their lives are filled with doctors and hospitals and needles and tests. Their parents' lives are filled with worry, concern for their child, heart break, the stress of paying for the medical treatment(s), as well as getting their child to appointments, etc... If there are other children in the family, imagine how neglected you would feel if all of the attention was focused on a sick sibling? It's not on purpose, but unfortunately, there are a set number of hours in the day. It's for all of these reasons and more that we are asking for your donation tomorrow. This is a chance for these kids and their families to just 'BE!' They can take over Disney in wheelchairs, braces, etc... and not be gawked at rudely. This could be their last chance to really be together as a family. Won't you help? We have a local child going and her name is Shilo Kopp. Help make she and her families' dreams come true! What if this was your child? What if this was your life? Wouldn't it be nice to know that the people in your community stepped up to help? We have multiple ways to donate tomorrow and I've listed them below. For more information on Kidd's Kids, click here.



1 - Southwest Airlines Kidd's Kids Day Donation Hotline

(888) 792-5439 / (888) SWA-KIDZ

Open Thursday, 10/6 from 6am - 1pm

Can call and donate via credit/debit card and check


2 - Text A Donation of $10

Text "KIDD" to "52000"

$10 charged to donor's cell phone carrier

On Thursday only, the first 10,000 donations via text have the option to receive a personalized  digigraph photo of the show signed by Kidd (after we hit 10,000 digigraphs the option to receive a digigraph will not be sent to text donor).

Can only donate up to $30, so can text 3 times for a $10 each time


3 - Online at (on computer)

Can donate via credit/debit card or check

Possible Google Pay option with no transaction fees (waiting for confirmation)


4 - Online a (on smartphone)

Special mobile version of online donation site that is mobile friendly


5 - Local Drop Off Locations

K945 will be broadcasting live from in front of the Plex on Airline Drive in Bossier City where you'll be able to drop off your donation from 7-9am. You can also bring your donation to the K945 Studios located at 6341 Westport Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71129.


6 - Social Media Marketing

You Stream Donation Button (during the show) (slide/button on site to donate)

Other Ways to help!

  • Download any of these songs for just 99 cents each. All proceeds go to Kidd’s Kids!

1.    Breaking Even – You Won’t Admit (this year’s Rock Camp Band)

2.    Tim Halperin – All You Got (this year’s Kidd’s Kids song)

3.    Scott Hoying – Your Moment (past Kidd’s Kids song)

4.    Marcos Hernandez – On A Mission (past Kidd’s Kids song)

5.    Jeffrey Gaines – The Best Time of My Life (past Kidd’s Kids song)

6.    Sons of Harmony – Miracle to Me (past Kidd’s Kids song)

7.    Gary Barlow – I Want to Take You There (past Kidd’s Kids song)

Help spread the word about Kidd’s Kids to your friends! What can you do?

1.    Post a status update on Facebook or Twitter with a Kidd’s Kids video that touches you. See many of them here –

2.    Change your Facebook profile picture to a Kidd’s Kids Day graphic! Use this -

3.    Share the Kidd’s Kids event on Facebook.

How to nominate a child for Kidd’s Kids. The deadline has passed for the 2011 trip. If you’d like to be on the list to get an application for 2012, please visit