Ever since their whirlwind fairytale wedding, all the gossip sites have been reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are heading for a divorce. They were only together for nine months before jumping into this life long commitment and both parties are regretting their decision.This week, Us Weekly is reporting that the couple is not getting along because Kris isn’t into the Kardashian lifestyle. While Kris is waiting for the lockout to end, he’s partying with friends on Kim’s dime while she is constantly working. Right before her birthday she went off on him, saying he better do something productive and needed to ‘get off his butt like yesterday’… Maybe she picked the wrong NBA player? Another rumor swirling is that Kim and E! Network was hunting for an NBA looking boyfriend for Kim. They wanted a New York player since Kim would be filming her spin-off show with Kourtney in the Big Apple. They first approached Danilo Gallinari of the Knicks but he wasn’t interested. They figured Jersey was close enough and settled for Kris, who plays for the Nets. But enough speculating and siphoning through rumors, what does Kim have to say about her marriage? She told People Magazine that her marriage isn’t ideal! They have barely spent time together, all of it has been in front of the cameras, and they are constantly being scrutinized. They haven’t had the honeymoon period to settle in together because everything’s been so hectic.

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