Kim Kardashian decided to pull the plug on her marriage after watching her relationship play out on her reality show. After the filming wrapped up for ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’, she got to review the film to decide what footage to air and she was absolutely mortified by what she saw. She could not believe the way that Kris Humphries was treating her or her family, and that’s ultimately what sealed the deal on her decision to divorce.

And some bad news for Kim’s ex publicist, Jonathon Jaxson. He kept talking to the media about how Kim would intentionally drum up fake stories for publicity and Kim sicked a lawyer on him to get him to quit talking. Well, Jonathon started sending out these suicidal tweets, saying he would never promote suicide but it was him against money and the elite and he would never win. He posted a video of himself crying, saying he could no longer fight Kim. A concerned follower called the cops, fearing that Jonathon was in danger. His friend later posted on his twitter account that help had arrived and they would be taking Jonathon to the hospital.

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