Kim Kardashian isn’t letting a divorce get in her way of work. She flew to Australia on Tuesday and everyone assumed it was to escape after she filed for divorce, but really she’s there to promote a new handbag line with Khloe. Most celebrities choose to keep quiet after announcing their divorce, but that’s not Kim’s style. She just filed for divorce on Monday, just 72 days after her lavish wedding, and she’s already given her first public interview. She went on an Australian TV morning show and explained that it was hard to face the public but she had a work commitment that she needed to uphold. But it wasn’t all handbag talk, they asked her why she wanted to a get a divorce. Kim said it was her intuition that led her to end her marriage so quickly and of course the whole family supports her decision. She said that she never married for money or a TV show and she can’t believe that she has to defend that.

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