If Pink's latest single "Just Give Me a Reason" struck a chord with you, this cover version by Kylee and YouTube veteran Sam Tsui will blow you away.

The spot-on cover helps mark Kylee's YouTube debut. The 18-year-old Japanese-American pop singer is signed to DefStar Records, but only launched her YouTube channel last week.

Sam Tsui, who's been very active on YouTube for the past year and has amassed more than 530,000 subscribers in that time, delivers Fun. singer Nate Ruess' part of the song. Tsui released his debut album "Make It Up" on iTunes earlier this month.

Both singers have official Facebook pages. You can check out Kylee's here, and Tsui's here.

The sheer talent that's displayed on YouTube never ceases to amaze us. Watch Kylee and Sam Tsui sing "Just Give Me a Reason."