And there all gone now! Sorry! The movie is out tonight! Want free tickets to go see it? Your last chance to get them for free is going down today!

Lets see if you are as good as Katniss at hunting.

Just like yesterday I'm going to be out and about today in a parking lot with $400 worth of tickets thanks to Atlantic Records. It's first come first serve. One pair of tickets per carload.

Here are all 3 clues as to my location I'll be at, at 4:00 today (Thursday 3/22/12)

Clue 1: Look it's Youree Drive.

Clue 2: Hmm I should go across the street to get some religion.

Clue 3: Is it wrong I want to get on the swings?

May the odds be in your favor ... and all that.

Here's movie trailers if you haven't seen them already!

See you there!