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Last Friday Night Story

Ashley Evans

Last Friday Night Story



I Went to a restaurant only for them to play me for stupid by giving me a sandwich that I DIDN'T order and then tell me it WAS the one I ordered. I called them out on it bc I know what my food should look and taste like…and they came back to say that they ran out of the right bread for my sandwich!!! So i guess they figured i woud be too stupid to notice. I mean really?!?!?! Not a good night lol!


Alexys Ayers

Last Friday Night Story



Well let's see… “Last Friday night” I was at the boardwalk for a birthday dinner for my friend at the boardwalk. We aren't old enough to drink so we were drunk on life. We went to a movie and didn't finish it. It was like one in the morning so we didn't see any security officers so we started to walk around. We get to the pond thing they have and we decided we wanted to go swimming and so we did. We left the boardwalk and went to walmart. It like three in the morning and we had a bumper handicap wheel chair race. Then we through a little party in the party supplies section. We finally got home at like four. That was my last Friday night.


Alanie Weir

Last Friday Night Story



My last Friday night story would have to be when I threw like the biggest party in town. There was people passed out (drunk) all over my yard and house thank God my parents was out of town for the weekend.


Nanci Smith

Last Friday Night Story



We got up started drinking marguarita and hurricanes in the pool with our friends at the hotel on Bourban street. Then went bar hopping down Bourbon street taking shots out of girls cleavage and giving out of mine. Road a bull (have video of that). Fell off a bull (have video of that), went to another bar, had boobs painted, walked up and down Bourbon st with boobs painted and hair that lights up taking pictures with strangers, then went to a masquerade ball and danced all night got to hotel and there was a shooting in front, then had breakfast at Ihop.


Syzette Brod

Last Friday Night Story



We have had alot of GREAT weekends, I lived in Dania Beach FL. I had a old 71 chevy truck, we were sixteen my girlfriends and I would cruise down Ft. Lauderdale strip and see how many guys we could fit into the back of the truck, and cruise the strip. My mother would have killed me.


Karina Alvarez

Last Friday Night Story



Last Friday night me and my best friend planed to go out but her boy friend couldn't make it so later we still went and she ended up finding a new guy!


Angela Shocklee

Last Friday Night Story



Last Friday night for me,July 8th was my 29th birthday! I celebrated it by helping my sister moving into her new place- I went to the other room and came back into the semi empty house to find my mother holding a birthday cake with lit candles! My mom also got me red roses! This was a hard day for me because I lost my sunshine and light, my grandmother Marilyn Shocklee on July 4th, she died at the age of 88 from brain cancer. We had her funeral on the 7th, she was loved so much and will be missed! She will always be in my heart!


Brittni Esqueda

Last Friday Night Story



Played guitar hero and shot patron!


Melissa Kingery

Last Friday Night Story



well i have a story for the record books about my last friday night, after picking up my boyfriend from a friends house after a long night of drinking, i couldnt help but make fun of him due to his condition. turns out the joke was on me when i was abruptly awoken by my father at 3:00am informing me that Jesse, the boyfriend, had made his way into their bedroom, and proceeded to urinate all over both parents and and pass out on top of them and the mess. my mom threatened to rub his nose in it and beat him with a shoe! there is absolutly no way i can make this up, i have facebook status's and a new matress receipt to verify.


Jerlisa Hall

Last Friday Night Story



So i heard my friends were going out and I wanted to go but i was grounded… so as usual i snuck out to go.. so when we pull up it was like 1230 already so i get out the car in my hooker skirt and my low cut purple shirt with a push up bra so yeah i looked like a hooker. But i get out the car and all eyes were on my and i had like the time of my life.. but then the DJ put on TGIF by Katy Perry and everyone started dancing and i loved the song ALOT and I was already wasted so i jumped on the table and started dancing.. and singing and just having fun. But then the worst thing happend the police came in the looked around and the music stopped and next thing you know they were up on the table dancing right next time me.. so it was already 4:00 so i spent 5 hours just partying and having fun… so my friend took me home and i became sober after she dashed me with cold water ?!?!? but we were driving and the police pulled us over and i was scared out of my mind.. so we pulled over and i looked over and saw my house like right down the street and i looked and it looked like i could make it from here so i crawled out of the door and just took off in like 7 inch heels and when i got to my house i climbed the ladder than i used to climbed out as soon as i laid down my mom came in and said honey im sorry i didnt let you go you can go next time… what did u do in this room all friday night i said ohhhhh boy you wouldnt believe it…..


Stacie Green

Last Friday Night Story



Well…The night started with my roommate and I taking shots of about a bottle and a half of vodka. Yea, great idea. Cut to the next morning (because we blacked out). I wake up on my couch at 8am proceed to walk to the kitchen and the kitchen is covered in flour, stripper heels in the hall, and posters on the ground. I wake up my roommate who had a pounding headache and about an hour later we find a pan of perfectly cooked HOMEMADE biscuits in the oven with a plate of burned bologna sitting on top. So we called my friend who had been over to fill in the blanks. Apparently my roommate put on stripper heels and a crazy dress for some reason and she had a headache because she headbutted my friends girlfriend and put them both in military holds (she recently got out of the military). Also I was warned that I should throw my cheese in the refrigerator away because my ro ommate spit in it while crawling around on the floor apparently “it tasted bad” but it was in the fridge when I got up…as for the biscuits, I found out my roommate made those from scratch…the burned bologna I'll never figure out I guess…So that day I had to clean the house up, put the pieces of the night together, and go to work. Never again.


Jerome Lewis

Last Friday Night Story



This happened a few years ago, but I swear to god it really happened. I worked at the Remington Suites Hotel downtown, back when it was still an upscale place. My co-worker, Sean invited me to his brother's bachelor party, and offered to pay my way if I'd agree to be the designated driver. I figured what the hey? So as we waited that night for Sean to get back with the rental van, I tried to find out where we were going, and what was planned. Something about a strip club (standard) in Tyler, where they supposedly left nothing to the imagination,(Mecca). Sean had about $100 in ones for his brother, and was going to take care of him, for sure. So Sean pulls up in front of the bar in the biggest Ford Van they had, so that all 8 of us would have room, and room for ice chests full of beer, and maybe room for someone to pass out,(which happened, but not to the guy we expected) . Sean doesn't drive as well as me on a good day, and he left that tank sitting out in the middle of the road, so I told him to give me the keys so I coulds pull it up to the curb, and get this party loaded. I walked around the front, noticing the V-10 badges, thinking how cool an hour on the highway was going to be, and how it was so damned big, I couldn't see in the windows standing next to it. Literally, I had to climb up into it, adjust the mirrors a bit, put it into reverse, and try to parallel park it into a spot right outside the front doors of the bar downstairs at the Hotel. BAM!! the whole frickin rig rocked side to side like I'd been hit by a train! I looked out the mirrors, and saw a Shreveport Times box out of the bottom corner of the mirror, up on the curb behind me, but I was thinking it's way too far back to be the cause of all that. So I jumped out, ran around to see what the hell that was all about, just as a few patrons in the bar, and some party members c ame out to see where I had backed about 18 inches into a silver 2-door Saturn, parked in the red zone outside the entrance to our parking garage. So I hollered at Steve, who had been parking cars for an event at the Century Club that night, and asked if he knew whose car this was? He said it had been right there, in his way, since he started a couple hours before, and he never saw anyone. Served the bastard right, he said. So, I went inside, preparing for the worst. We hadn't even finished a beer amongst us yet, or even gotten out of town, and it looked like 'Game Over'. Just so happens, most of the clientelle, the regulars, were all lawyers (mostly land and oil lease lawyers), and their consensus was that if the guy called the cops, he'd be looking at more trouble than us, so we took a vote. One of the friends of a friend in our party was a new cop working for the city of Doyline, and he said he didn't see anything, (I think he had a big night planned). When I moved the van , luckily enough, the fender being made of plastic like all Saturns, it popped right back out, with only hairline cracks in the paint to show (us) where there was some major damage to some a–hole's illegally-parked car. So it took us about 45 seconds to load the damn van, and head out. Now Sean is the definite guy's guy, the guy who jumps up and down on the couch shaking two fists full of Dorito's, while screaming himself hoarse at any kind of bad play during the game, especially if it's the GreenBay Packers. (He even named his son Brett, seems they went to school together a long time ago). Sean is also the mastermind of this trip, and tells me all about how he has even bigger plans than I'd heard; he wants everyone to have the best night of their life, (and one I'll NEVER forget, I promise you. Anyway, we get to this place, (Double D's, or something like that), get inside (BYOB), and all of us kind of 'set up shop' in the balcony area. There was even a girl there who was d ancing 3 feet in front of me for 5 minutes under the black light before I noticed she was in a full-arm cast, it was that kind of place. (In my defense, she did have it wrapped in an Ace Bandage). Then everyone is doing their own thing, twos and threes drifting around, rotating back through our area for beers, and one of the guys (I think the one from Doyline) comes up to me all hush-hush, saying he hasn't seen Sean in about 45 minutes, and is getting worried, plus there were some guys eye-balling him real hard, and he needed some help, (good old Sean would be up for that). Needless to say, Sean's brother was handcuffed to the chair, all the girls made their rounds, and rubbed every part of him that was sticking out, and I actually felt sorry for the guy. I mean, I knew his wife-to-be and all, but this guy was ruined for life, even by that place's standards, because there are some things you just can't unsee, or forget. Then I see Sean come wandering out from the curtained a rea, with that dazed look I used to see on guys faces who had just been rolled by some little Phillipina hooker. Sure enough, he'd been having lap dances, had like 4 dollars to his name, and kept whispering to me about stuff I still don't believe. That's when Doyline interrupted us, and warned us about the guy who was the spitting image of Randy “The Macho Man” Savage, and his bandanna crew, open shirts and all, making hate waves at us across the bar. Seems this was 'their bar', and we were hogging all the women, and that pissed them right off. Then a guy in a huge black Stetson, matching black boots, western shirt, and pants, with the perfect white hair/mustach/beard combo, just like Kenny Rogers, come over to us, (we seemed to be the center of attention right now) and tells us this is his bar, and these guys told him someone in our party pulled a knife on someone in the bandanna party, and he wasn't going to have that s–t in his bar. I think there was a gun, just for effe ct, and a couple thick-necked goons to back him up, in case we had anything to say to dispute the locals, but I already had my keys in hand, and they were loading the ice chest when I got there. That's how we found the other Shawn sleeping in the very back of the van, when we tossed the cooler over the seat back. Long story short, the cops took everyones names down, (so they could be banned for life; except me, as Kenny Rogers told me when I explained I was the designated driver, but I'd never have the balls to go back there again, so I didn't care). Needless to say, after we pulled out of there, and there were the usual rounds of “If the cops hadn't shown up..”, or “did you see the [whatever] on that one chick”, it was a pretty tame night. Everyone got back to the bar, and loaded up and left, (except the other Shawn, who slept it off in the extra room where we all worked). The brother got married the next day, I heard the Saturn Guy came out about 11 o'clock that night, jum ped in his car and split, with no idea about what parking in the red zone cost him, and it was just another Friday night to anyone who wasn't there.


Chris Dupont

Last Friday Night Story



Well it wasn't last friday night but it was a Friday night that I never recall but my friends was there and he told me eeevvvrrryyyttthhiinnngg. Anyways, we went clubbin' one night and we were ther with some girls. One girl I was supposed to hook up with but I didn't but I kinda hooked up with her best friend ..well that is what my friend told me at least. Always, my friend told me everything that happened the next day…which I was hungover of course. So here's my story from what my friend observed. First, he tells me that after my fourth long island ice tea, that I was dancing in a group of about 5 girls at the time but I was so wasted that I turned around when I was on the outside of the circle and start grinding on this cowboy and my friend said that the cowboy looked at me and just started lauging because he knew I didn't know what was going on and then he turned me back into the circle of girls that I was dancing with. ( of course key friend is laughing the whole time ). Second, he telles me that I started doing shots….a lot of shots….11 shots of Jim beam and one 1 shot of crown royal. Here's that part of the story, he said I started out with a double shot of Jim beam and in about a 2 hour period I downed 10 more. Where the shot of Crown comes in at is that when me and my friend do a shot together we do a little toast to our friendship of 18 years now,,,but when we did our toast this time, I drank my shot so fast that I told him that he was taking tooooo long on his and so I drank his shot of Crown for him. Lol. And then he said I told the waitress to get us another round and was like ummmm he'll no he's done…so it looks like that waitress got a $10 tip because he said I gave it to her but she didn't come back. Lol oh well. Third, I started throwing up…well I kinda remember this part because we ate buffalo wild wing before we went drinking and umm yeah it was coming up with all this alcohol. BURRRRNNNIIINNNGGGGG,!!!! Well, as I'm throwing my friend decides to get me an orange juice to supposedly ease my stomach…nope wrong…as soon a ii drank it threw it up too. By this time the bouncer is telling my group of friends that I need to go home because he has watched this all night. So they did and I threw up again when I got home…..of course. Well, finally the next day i had to wake up early because I have a daughter to take care of and i was still sick to my stomach and I had to make myself throw up one more time. By this time my abs are sore from all this throwing up. Anyways, my friend call me as was heeeeeeeyyyyy bbbbuuuudddddyyyy how ya doin.? And of course he's giggling. I'm like shut up and tell me what happend…..he told what happened but then he added an extra part of where I did something I knnnnooowwww I wasn't suppose to do…but still to this day I don't remember It. He said do you remember dancing with Melanie? I said umm no. So again he started lauging and put her on the phone. I kinda knew this girl from middle school anyways. She got on the phone and while giggling said hey remember when you danced wit me? I had to chuckle and said nope I really don't. She said well let's just say I've never danced like that before. So by this time I was very curious but was like worried. So I said well just tell me so that I an go ahead and deal with the embarassment. She said as we were just dancing as friends that I decided to feel up on her boobs very sexual Ike. And I was like omg!!!!!!! She said that she didn't mind it but ummmm. I did it right in front of the girl that was actually supposed to be hooking up with. And the other girl was like ummmmmm ok at the club that night. Then I said o great now I feel like an a-hole. She started laughing and said well me and your friend are dating now so I couldn't have her anyways. I laughed and said it's all good. Well as soon as I hung up with her….I got a phone call from the girl that I was supposed to be hooking up with and I answered the phone as if she was gonna slap me through the phone and wash mm hello. All She said was hey. And immediately I said I'm sorry and she said it was ok and that she knew I was drunk and that she forgave me and we dated for about 8 months and then we had some differences and we had to split up. Well, that's my unforgettable story but I dont remember a bit of it. Thank 945 for all your music, Chris D.


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