All seven and we watched one fall.

Ralph Macchio hadn't been in jeopardy all season on Dancing With the Stars, so why would Karina Smirnoff's stumble pull him down this week?

Well, perhaps because it was jeopardy-by-numbers tonight as the celebs with the highest scores—Romeo, Chelsea Kane, Hines Ward and Kirstie Alley—all got to be safe right away for a change, leaving the remaining three to wait it out.

Through the Pia Toscano performance (and her subsequent grilling by Tom Bergeron) and everything.

But though it was a close shave for Ralph, it was wrestler Chris Jericho who got pinned in last place and didn't get enough votes to go another round.

And though we're sad to see him go, Chris may have offered the best goodbye remarks yet.

"It's actually good timing that I got eliminated because I have to fly over to England for the royal wedding, you know, so it was going to affect rehearsal," he joked with partner Cheryl Burke smiling at his side.

"But actually, let's be honest, it wasn't my best dance and at this point in the competition you have to be at your best every week or this is what happens. But I'd like to say I'm proud of all the dances we did, and I'm proud to show that a WWE guy and a rock 'n' roll singer can go this far and do this."

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