The animated family film "The LEGO Movie", featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell, topped this weekend's box office, taking in $69.1 million in its first week.

Another debut, "The Monuments Men", starring George Clooney, came in second with $22.7 million, while "Ride Along" fell from first to third with $9.39 million.

The top ten:

1. The LEGO Movie: $69.1 million

2. The Monuments Men: $22.7 million

3. Ride Along: $9.39 million

4. Frozen$6.91 million

5. That Awkward Moment: $5.54 million

6. Lone Survivor: $5.29 million

7. Vampire Academy: $4.1 million

8. The Nut Job: $3.8 million

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: $3.6 million

10. Labor Day: $3.23 million

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