Lindsay Lohan finally signed on to play Elizabeth Taylor in her upcoming Lifetime biopic. Her names been thrown around for awhile because she was really pushing for the part, but apparently the movie producers wanted her all along. One of the producers said that she’s always had the part; they were just waiting for her to get back control of her life and now they feel like she is ready.

Well, the filming was scheduled to take place in Canada and Lindsay claimed that she had the work permit ready. Canada is really strict about letting criminals in their country.. Plus, she’s still on formal probation for stealing the necklace and is under investigation for assaulting Marisa Dugas at The Standard Hotel. So the producers decided to go ahead and move the filming to LA to better accommodate Lindsay because they were concerned that her legal problems could delay their project.

They still seem on board with Lindsay, even though she’s already causing drama the day that she officially signed on for the movie. But one person who’s not impressed with Lindsay is Rosie O’Donnell. She was on the Today Show and argued with Donny Deutsch on whether Lindsay could stay out of trouble long enough to film a movie. Danny called Lindsay the modern day Liz Taylor but Rosie said that she even had problems on SNL and hasn’t had a good movie since she was 16.

Now of course Michael Lohan is bashing Rosie, saying she is just a limited comedian that is known for adopting kids and getting fired from every talk show.