Lindsay Lohan was videotaped in Venice Beach buying what looked like an illegal substance in a baggie… but she says she was just buying rocks!

She was buying a rock-like  substance in a baggie when the paps started filming her. Her publicist, Steve Honig, is saying that Lindsay isn’t doing anything wrong and of course blaming the paparazzi for snapping that video of her. He says they are “knowingly and consciously making inferences about Lindsay that are completely untrue, and creating a fictitious story’, but there is a video of her buying a rock substance from somebody on the streets… They are saying it is just various rocks and crystals, all of the legal variety, such as sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, all purchased by her pal from a store down the street.

If that is in fact the case, Lindsay doesn’t need to be out in public doing suspicious things like that! This girl is just begging for attention and going about it all wrong. Quit buying ‘rocks’, quit partying with Paris, and do some community service for once!

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