Once Lindsay Lohan got off of house arrest, she did what every responsible woman would do. She spent her first night of freedom at a bar and was falling down on her way out. A witness claims they saw Lindsay drinking, and the paparazzi accused her of being drunk. But Lindsay is armed with excuses because she never does anything wrong. She says that she was at a going away dinner for her friend for 5 hours and maybe it was the psychotic paparazzi that caused her stumble. She also tweeted a picture of some platform heels she was wearing, hinting that maybe her heels could have tripped her up. But it’s not all hard partying for Lindsay. She did put in some community service hours at the Downtown Women’s Center in LA. When a TMZ reporter asked her how it felt to be free again, she answered, ‘I’m excited to start community service and focus on my work.’


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