Poor Lindsay!!! Lindsay Lohan was in New York for Fashion Week but nobody wanted her around. When she attended the V-Magazine party, she was seated next to Mary-Kate Olsen. Mary-Kate immediately asked the hostess for another table but there wasn’t anything else open. She was not happy being stuck next Lindsay and was over heard saying ‘I really don’t want to be here right now.’ Then the following night, Lindsay showed up to the Marc Jacobsfragrance launch party. She wasn’t allowed in because she wasn’t on the list, so she called in a favor to the owner and he let her in. She was seated next to Dakota Fanning, who wasn’t thrilled to be stuck next to Lindsay either. Sources say she was rolling her eyes at Lindsay and scooted as far away from her as possible. But Dakota didn’t have to suffer for too long. A few minutes after Lindsay was seated, security told her she was not welcomed at the party and they escorted her out.

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