Lindsay Lohan had quite the weekend. She attended Kim Kardashian’s wedding with her mom Dina and sister Ali, where she was seen partying it up. A source told Radar Online that she ordered several shots and her mom didn’t seem to mind her drinking. But of course Lindsay is denying the drinking claims. Lindsay also filed a lawsuit against Pitbull over the weekend. She is suing over a line in his song ‘Give Me Everything’ that has a disparaging lyric about her. The lyric says, 'I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.'

In the lawsuit, Lindsay says she is a professional actor of good repute and is suing to protect her name from being exploited. She is using the same lawyer that she used in the E Trade lawsuit, when she sued over a ‘Lindsay is a milkaholic’ comment in a commercial. She is seeking an injunction to stop the song from being played and is seeking unspecified damages.

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