Lindsay Lohan was back in court yesterday for a progress hearing and she’s actually being held accountable for her actions. She made some last minute attempts to look good the night before court, including donating $50k to a charity and taking a shoplifters course, but the Judge Sautner was not impressed. And remember all that community service that Lindsay quickly put in at the Red Cross after getting fired from the women’s shelter? The judge told her that did not count towards her hours since she was not assigned to work there. Lindsay’s team tried to say that she attended all of her psychological counseling sessions even though she was out of the country a lot. Then they said that she completed her sessions over the phone, which the judge said was not acceptable. The probation department gave Lindsay a glowing review but the judge had a different opinion on her behavior. She revoked her probation and Lindsay was taken into custody, despite the fact that her bail bondsman was already there! She did later post bail though and is scheduled to appear in court again on November 2nd. She is required to work 16 hours of community service at the morgue by her court date. And she only has 57 days to complete the rest of her sentence.

A few little side notes about her court appearance. Last week, Lindsay skipped her shoplifting awareness class to have emergency dental work done right after the pictures surfaced of her decaying teeth. Of course her dad is giving his theories on her funky teeth, saying that only the front of her teeth are messed up because she is smoking crack or meth out of a pipe. Also, her booking documents in court actually listed Lindsay as a male. And she got served a lawsuit for the rehab attack while she was in court.

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