Some of the best things come from across the pond, like fashion, Sherlock Holmes, and double-decker buses. We've become particularly fond of Bastille, who also hails from England's capital.

Bastille is a four-member band formed in 2010 by Dan Smith in London. Smith originally began Bastille as a solo project, before collaborating with Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons. The name, Bastille, derives from Bastille Day which is an event that is celebrated on Smith's birthday, July 14.

Gareth Cattermole/Staff, Getty Images

The band originally included two other musicians on violin and cello, but was solidified with just the four members. Most of the songs are written by front man, Smith.

In June 2010, Bastille debuted a limited edition EP featuring two songs, "Flaws" and "Icarus." The following year they released an EP, Laura Palmer, with the title track recorded in Simlish, the jibberish language spoken by characters on the PC game, "The Sims."

Bastille released several songs on YouTube and MySpace, before signing with Virgin Records and releasing their single, "Overjoyed." Their debut album, Bad Blood, followed soon after. In February 2013, Bastille released, "Pompeii", their fourth single from Bad Blood. A few short months after that Bastille was tagged onto Muse's tour. "Of the Night", was released in October 2013, following the release of Bad Blood in the United States.

In between tour dates, Bastille is working on their sophomore album. Details of the album have not been released.