Before Lorde was crowned queen bee by the success of her song 'Royals,' she was hanging out on the tennis court. The video for 'Tennis Court' hasn't reached the same heights as the singer's current radio hit, but is still a must-watch.

Released on YouTube this past summer, 'Tennis Court' (AKA That Song Lorde Sung Before She Got Huge) has managed to accrue 13 million + views. That's a drop in the bucket compared to 'Royals' 66 million+ views, but still impressive.

The song's "and talk it up like, yeah" refrain and Lorde's dark voice shouldn't surprise anyone who has cut their teeth on 'Royals.' Yes, it's super catchy and infinitely listenable -- just like 'Royals.' But the video itself is what had people talking.

It's literally three minutes and 22 seconds of Lorde. She's exceptionally pale, wearing dark lipstick and a mesh top, and only opens her mouth to mouth the word 'yeah.'

It's a disarming video and the furthest thing from a standard pop video you could find. It's far, far simpler than the simple 'Royals.'