Why should filmmakers have all the fun? Entrepreneurs now have a shot to make their dreams come true and pocket $50,000.

Calling all startup businesses. Registration is now open for Louisiana Startup Prize. The creators of Louisiana Film Prize are giving you the chance to learn how to create a successful startup, make the connections needed to help your business grow and hopefully hand you the money needed for a successful launch.

Register now and then attend one of two qualifying events, the first is June 20-22 and the second is July 18-20. The registration deadline for the first qualifier is June 10 and the cutoff for the second qualifier is June 30. In order to be eligible for the final event, you must attend one of the events. In these qualifiers, judges will assess your business and progress. They will determine the three to five businesses for the Startup Prize weekend on September 19-21.

This is when the grand prize of $50,000 will be awarded to the best startup business. This is also where investors will have the opportunity to spend their bucks on you.

If your business is less than three years old and has earned less than $1 million, you are eligible. For complete rules visit lastartupprize.com.